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28 February 2012 / By Nikia Jefferson

MAGICLV Brand Discovery: Gräf & Lantz

One of the many highlights of my trip to MAGIC was discovering the quality wares of Gräf & Lantz. Made entirely in L.A., this brand’s use of leather and felt immediately intrigued me.

Founders Holger Gräf and Daniel Lantz explained that what started off simply as a collection of felt and leather wine bottle holders has now expanded to bags, tech accessories and home goods.

Lantz’s design skills mixed with Gräf‘s engineering background has resulted in a line that successfully marries the world’s two oldest fabrics while dispelling the myth that felt items are too “crafty” and lack style.

Concerned about the durability of the products? No worries. Lantz ensured me that the merino wool felt, which he sources from Germany, is of the highest quality and will show no signs of pilling.

My top picks were the croc embossed totes, the colorblocked clutch bags and the iPad sleeves which consisted of brightly colored leather on one side and gray felt on the other.

The travel bags were also a favorite, with their perfect blend of ruggedness and refinement.

Although this was their upcoming Fall collection, many of these items are currently in the Gräf & Lantz online shop.

Here are more gems I spotted on the website:

clockwise from top left: Bradley messenger | Loden Green Pouch | Jaunt tote | Zenzi bag

I will most definitely be making a purchase in the near future. I’m thinking a Zenzi bag or colorblocked clutch for me and a Bradley messenger for hubby.

What do you think? Are you officially a fan of Gräf & Lantz now?

Accessories, Clothing, Shoes

13 February 2012 / By Nikia Jefferson

ChiTown Fashionista is in Vegas for MAGIC!

I’m currently in Las Vegas attending the MAGIC trade show! Over 5000 designers and brands are here taking over two convention centers to network with one another and connect with buyers and media.
I’m really looking forward to Launch Pad at WWDMAGIC (20 emerging brands showcasing their collection in a gallery-like setting), FN Platform (a showcase of 100s of footwear brands that I’ve aptly deemed as “shoe heaven”) and Heart of Prêt (30+ European designers looking to gain some shine in the U.S.).

There will also be a slew of runway shows, book signings, seminars and blogger panels…not to mention the ‘Dreaming of Chanel’ exhibition featuring 16 vintage Chanel dresses.

And all of that equates to a lot of walking. Yes. Cute flats are in tow.

From upcoming trends to the brightest stars in clothing, footwear and accessories, I will be soaking it all in and sharing as much as possible with all of you!
So, you know the drill. Follow me on Twitter (or view my live tweets below) as I navigate the many aisles of MAGIC today and tomorrow.*

*Also follow hashtag #MAGICLV to stay up-to-date on all tweets related to the trade show.

Have you ever been to MAGIC? Do you have tips on the best way to conquer it all? Any specific brands or designers you want me to check out?

Real People + Fashion

15 June 2011 / By Nikia Jefferson

The Makeup Show Chicago: Makeup, Style & Food For Thought

This past weekend, The Makeup Show made its way to Chicago for the first time ever! As I’ve stated in the past, I’m no expert when it comes to makeup. I do, however, appreciate the correlation between makeup and fashion. We all know that styling, including hair and makeup, can make or break a runway show or fashion spread. Plus, trends in fashion influence makeup trends and vice versa.

So, when I received an invite to attend the pro-only event, I jumped at the chance to not only meet (and learn) from industry experts such as Reggie Wells, Sam Fine, James Vincent, Joanna Schlip and Danessa Myricks but to also hang with my fellow fashion and beauty bloggers.

The blogger event held on the day before The Makeup Show provided online media mavens with an opportunity to learn more about the event and its featured artists from MUA and The Makeup Show Director of Artistry, James Vincent (shown below). Afterwards, bloggers networked with one another and exchanged business cards. We also received a magnificent bag full of products. My favorites being the Senna Form-A-Brow Kit and the makeup loot from Ruby Kisses. Needless to say, we were all amped for the start of the show the following day.

The Makeup Show was held at Venue One in the West Loop. Upon arrival, I immediately noticed the twinkle in all the makeup artists’ and beauty bloggers’ eyes as they circulated the room. If long lines are any indication, INGLOT and Crown Brush seemed to be the favorites amongst the attendees. The Make Up For Ever booth was equally overwhelming. Their discounted “show pricing” even made my heart flutter a little bit. I was also drawn to the Ruby Kisses beauty demonstration area that was equipped with bright lights, beautiful people and flawless makeup application. Bright colors and glitter were the reoccurring themes throughout the show…and rightfully so. Nothing grabs attention better than color and sparkle.

As a lover of art, I was also a fan of the skillful artistry displayed in the theatrical makeup (courtesy of the Chicago-based school Make Up First) and body art.

Of course, even in a room filled with makeup, fashion was in the forefront of my mind. I spotted several stylish bloggers and makeup artists.

The climax of the day was the highly-anticipated keynote speaker, Sam Fine. As a celebrity makeup artist to clients such as Iman, Tyra, Janet Jackson and Queen Latifah, I was extremely impressed with his humility. When one of the audience members commended him on it, he explained that his humility is the basis of his mantra: “we’re all servants”. Well, and also the fact that “that’s how my mama raised me”. His engaging demeanor made us all feel as though we were hanging with one of our BFFs. As he took Q&A, he offered up more than just makeup tips. There were several pieces of advice that not only applied to the makeup industry, but to life in general.

Re: Mentors – You don’t have to necessarily have someone physically take you under their wing. The work of those you admire can influence and inspire you. So, use magazines and other references as your “mentor”.

Re: Competition – Don’t live with the idea of competition. It is counterproductive. The only competition you should worry about is yourself.

Re: Sense of Self – “You can know who you are by the people that hang around you”

The Makeup Show Chicago was a great experience! Unfortunately, I could only attend Day #1. But I gained so much insight from that one day.

Do I now consider myself a makeup expert? Absolutely not. However, the personal connections as well as the tips and products I received certainly opened my eyes, even more, to the wonderful world of makeup.

Now, if only I could learn how to apply eye liner with a steady hand. Alas, some things just can’t be taught…

Did you attend The Makeup Show in Chicago or any other city? What was your favorite moment?

*Special thanks to Melody of Melody Joy PR for the invite. Additional thanks to The Makeup Show for featuring ChiTown Fashionista on their blog. Click HERE to read the post.

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