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02 December 2014 / By Elise Giannasi

Thierry Mugler Les Exceptions: Redefining the Fragrance Buying Experience


When you think of Thierry Mugler fragrances, you probably think of two words: Angel and Alien – the uber-iconic scents that most beauty-savvy fashionistas have on regular rotation. But what about the exceptions to this rule? Or rather, Les Exceptions (see what we did there?). Five unisex, luxury fragrances by Mugler, just released this Fall. The Les Exceptions collection – which blends original alchemies with unique and exceptional ingredients – captures Mugler’s visionary and sensual approach to the art of perfumery.

MUGLER Les Exceptions Fragrance Collection

So what does this mean for local fashionistas? Mugler chose Chicago to be the first and only city in the U.S. to indulge in a luxurious, white glove (or in this case, black glove) experience when purchasing one of his Les Exceptions fragrances – an exclusive to Nordstrom on Michigan Ave.

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26 March 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Spec-tacular Shades


When it comes to sunglasses, I’ve learned a few lessons. Buy them too cheap, and they break for no apparent reason. Pay too much for them, and you end up losing them or later find out that if you had just waited a few months, you could have bought them on eBay for a third of the price. Luckily, there is a brand providing a happy medium (or what I’d like to call the sweet spot of retail) – affordability without a compromise of quality.

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30 September 2013 / By Nikia Jefferson

Nordstrom YOUphoria, Achieved



The Nordstrom YOUphoria event went down last week at Nordstrom in Oak Brook and it was indeed a great time. I, along with my fellow YOUphoria Fashion Face-off bloggers, had a chance to mingle with our readers and supporters while grubbing on some insanely good food (hello, apple pie in a jar), enjoying the sounds of DJ Wizz Kid, having a little fun with the high-tech TapSnap photo booth and shopping, of course.


Of course, the winner of the style showdown was announced. If you followed along on Instagram and Twitter, you know that Natalie took home the grand prize (a big congrats to her!).  Jen and I also walked away with a little something, something. So all is truly fair in love and (style) war.

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23 September 2013 / By Nikia Jefferson

JOIN ME This Thursday for Nordstrom YOUphoria in Oak Brook



youphoria competition

The Nordstrom YOUphoria style showdown is well underway. If you haven’t voted yet, I won’t hold it against you. Just click here to redeem yourself (voting ends today, so move swiftly).

Since Nordstrom didn’t want the YOUphoria competitiors to have all the fun, we will be co-hosting an event for all of you at the Nordstrom in Oak Brook (10 Oakbrook Center) on Thursday from 6-8pm. Think music, food, fashion and fun! Each co-host will have a pop-up boutique, within the store, filled with the items we’re currently coveting from Nordstrom (yes, all of the shoes from the previous post will be included).

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17 September 2013 / By Nikia Jefferson

Nordstrom YOUphoria (and a Fashion Face-Off)


YOUphoria is not just a clever play on words. It is a campaign Nordstrom launched this year, based on a pretty straightforward concept . The retailer is known for offering a variety of brands and a wide range of sizes at several different price points, which makes it easy for customers to build head-to-toe looks that are unique to their own personal style and taste. So, it’s not just about Nordstrom being your shopping destination of choice for that one special item (although, I’m not totally against it). It’s more about making it your “happy place” for all of your wardrobe needs.

I was recently asked to find my YOUphoria at the Nordstrom in Oak Brook. I partnered up with one of the in-store stylist, Tanja, to create a complete outfit. We discussed my likes and dislikes prior to our meeting (which is one of many reasons it’s good to utilize the Nordstrom stylists) and she had several items already laid out for me, in the dressing room, when I arrived. After taking a look at the items she pulled, it was time to hit the racks to find more complementary pieces.

Youphoria 01

Youphoria 02

As one who typically likes to shop alone, I must say that shopping with Tanja was an unexpected delight. It’s good to navigate the store with someone who knows exactly where to find certain items you’re looking for and which brands will work for your body type. After grabbing a couple more things, it was time to head to the dressing room.

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10 May 2013 / By Nikia Jefferson

Friday Find: Movado ‘Bold’ Crystal Dot Watch


Friday Find showcases the item ChiTown Fashionista has become smitten with during the current week. Plus, what better way to start the weekend than with a bit of impulse shopping? It’s been a long week, you’ve earned it.

movado watch
Stark white and sparkly. This is my kind of Movado.

I spotted this ‘Bold’ Crystal Dot version while flipping the pages of the latest Nordstrom catalog (which I tend to do more often than I should). I’m a strong proponent of wearing white watches all summer long. And although I adore my ceramic Michael Kors watch, I think it’s time to add a new milky white timepiece to my arsenal.

The colored Swarovski crystal accent adds the perfect hint of femininity (what girl doesn’t love a dose of sparkle?) and the design is oh-so clean. If you’re looking to join the Movado family, this is the ideal introductory piece. That’s because a price tag of $395 makes it one of the most affordable Movados you can find (you can thank the leather strap for that).

Now I’m off to update my Mother’s Day wishlist, yet again. It’s never too late, right?

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02 April 2013 / By Gabriel Charles Tyler

Designer Report: Vince Camuto Provides Quality and Value for Spring 2013


When you think of Vince Camuto, shoes may be the first thing that come to mind.  Now, the well-known architect of shoes has a lifestyle brand consisting of 18 categories including footwear, ready-to-wear, fragrance, jewelry, handbags, sunglasses and swimwear. In the fast-paced fashion industry, being on trend is simply not enough, and Vince Camuto has discovered how to stay 10 steps ahead.

I recently got the chance to sit down with Mr. Camuto himself, before his appearance at Nordstrom. We chatted about everything there is to know about his brand’s beginnings, vision and offerings for the season ahead.

Designing with comfort in mind, the Vince Camuto brand focuses on the women who have purchased its products in the past. Vince can attribute much of his success from listening to the women he sold shoes to in the earlier years of the brand.

“We started selling shoes in a shoe store many many years ago. And what we learned from women, many many years ago, is that they love style, but they want to be comfortable,” Camuto said.

Vince Camuto's Spring 2013 collection stays on trend, offering saturated colored handbags and floral skirts. Photo Credit: Gabriel Charles Tyler

Vince Camuto’s Spring 2013 collection stays on trend, offering saturated colored handbags and floral skirts.
Photo Credit: Gabriel Charles Tyler

By being in touch with his target audience, Camuto has fashioned a brand that truly meets the needs of women by giving them products geared towards comfort, without sacrificing style.

What’s striking about Camuto’s brand is its ability to simultaneously create stylish, comfortable products for women, while keeping the prices affordable. Achieving the best price value is possible because the brand boasts a global infrastructure that gives consumers quality products at a low cost.

“We represent fashion with a comfort point of view, with great lifestyle and great value,” Camuto said.

Camuto’s brand is popular among shoppers because he connects with them constantly. “We’re in tune with the consumer and what she’s looking for. We’re giving price value,” Camuto said. “Every day, we’re listening and interacting with the customers.”

Models display a few looks from Vince Camuto's Spring 2013 collection at Nordstrom. Photo Credit: Gabriel Charles Tyler

Models display a few looks from Vince Camuto’s Spring 2013 collection at Nordstrom.
Photo Credit: Gabriel Charles Tyler

ChiTown Fashionista and Vince Camuto have handpicked what we consider “must-haves” from the Spring 2013 collection. You can mix and match them to create a multitude of looks or simply buy one or two items to give your current wardrobe a boost.

Which piece(s) are you coveting?

P.S. To check out the entire Vince Camuto Spring 2013 collection, visit For an extra treat, peep the brand’s video look book (below) to see the items in motion.

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23 March 2013 / By Gabriel Charles Tyler

Alex Woo: The Celebrity Jewelry Designer Who’s Creating All the Buzz


Alex Woo logo

Many of you may have had charm bracelets as little girls, but as you grew older, you may have done away with the whimsical things associated with youth, in exchange for things that signified womanhood and sophistication. Well, it’s time to get charmed again. Celebrity jewelry designer, Alex Woo, has crafted fine jewelry pendants and necklaces sophisticated enough for women of all ages to wear the charms they may have cherished during their childhood.

Born and raised in New York City, Woo is best known for her Little Icons collections, which includes letters and numbers. New York has played a large role in her success and journey as a jewelry designer.

“[New York City is] where I was born and raised. Our logo says ‘made in New York’ because that’s where all the pieces are made,” Woo said. “I think New York is such an important part of the brand, and that’s something that I always want to convey.”

Woo’s initial pendants are the perfect gifts for those seeking a personalized touch.


Many of Woo’s designs have been regularly featured in leading publications like InStyleLuckyPeople, and Town & Country. Her pendants and statement pieces have become favorites among celebrities such as Christina Applegate, J. Lo, Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria; leading Woo to become one of the most recognized and coveted jewelers among her contemporaries.

Woo, who began designing jewelry at the age of 5 under the direction of her father (a master bench jeweler), grew up perfecting skills in fine craftsmanship and learning an appreciation for gems and precious metals. Her background in sculpting can be seen in the three-dimensional look of every piece.

“I treat [my pieces] like micro-sculptures,” Woo said.

Alex Woo Regional and Zodiac Pendants

Woo’s regional and zodiac pendants are like little sculptures and are able to be stand-alone pieces.

The “it girl” designer said she draws inspiration from her travels around the world, admitting that the new locations she visits foster her most creative moments. One of her newest collections, the “Little Cities,” represents different locations around the world. The collection features staples like the Philly Pretzel, the Miami Dolphins, the Georgia Peach and her personal favorite, the iconic NYC Big Apple.

Woo is the designer behind the Carrie Bradshaw necklace on the show the Carrie Diaries. Her initial pendant serves as the signature accessory of young Carrie Bradshaw in the same manner as the nameplate was for the all grown up Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.

“With the Carrie Diaries, it’s really special because Carrie Bradshaw is a classic, fashion icon and to be chosen to be the one who makes her signature necklace is exciting,” Woo said.

Alex Woo's Little Letter “C” in 14kt Gold serves as the signature accessory of young Carrie Bradshaw. Photo Credit: Alex Woo.

Alex Woo’s Little Letter “C” in 14kt Gold serves as the signature accessory of young Carrie Bradshaw. Photo Credit: Alex Woo.


“The great thing about fine jewelry is that it’s something you can wear for a long time, but also hopefully pass it on to your children at some point. It’s something that’s going to have longevity — sort of like modern-day heirlooms,” Woo said.

Woo creates jewelry designs reflective of life, crafted to be both personal and timeless: “I think it’s lovely that women like to spend their money on handbags and shoes, but jewelry is something that’s not only going to be an accessory, but something that has internal, personal value.”

Woo said jewelry is an “investment,” and while you “won’t pass on your shoes to your children, and you can’t carry the same handbag for years and years,” jewelry can be worn forever. While she sees jewelry as a way to connect generations, it’s also a way for women to tell their stories.

“I always layer and I always mix my metals. I think it adds a little bit more dimension and creates more pop on the neck. I’m not into the matchy-matchy thing,” Woo said. “I think women should tell their own stories.”

The power of accessories to convey stories and transform looks is what attracted Woo to jewelry making — it’s the core of her design aesthetic.

“With clothes, there’s always classic looks, like the Little Black Dress. But how do you make it different? With your accessories.” Woo said.

Woo recently released a faith-based pendant collection.

Woo recently released a faith-based pendant collection.

Chicago, there’s a chance to connect with the designer herself! Alex Woo is hosting a trunk show and special appearance today at Nordstrom Michigan Avenue (55 E. Grand Ave) from 10 am to 4 pm. If you’re in the area, I encourage you to stop by and get styled by Alex, and tell her we sent you!

For more information on the brand, visit or purchase pieces from the latest collection now at Nordstrom.

Are you ready to get charmed again?


22 March 2013 / By Nikia Jefferson

Friday Find: Lunna Flat from DV by Dolce Vita


Friday Find showcases the item ChiTown Fashionista has become smitten with during the current week. Plus, what better way to start the weekend than with a bit of impulse shopping? It’s been a long week, you’ve earned it.


dolce vita lunna

The ‘Lunna’ flat from DV by Dolce Vita has been on my wishlist for quite some time. I even picked them for one of the looks I sent down the runway for Macy’s Fashion’s Night Out event last year.

Now that Spring is officially here (although the temperature in Chicago says otherwise), DV by Dolce Vita has released some pretty sweet colorways. Lilac, sherbet and mint are being served up this season and I couldn’t be more in love. I think it’s time for me to finally add them to my shoe closet. And if you’re like me and having a hard time deciding on a color, you’ll be glad to know that they’re priced at only $78.95. That means we can buy all three colors for a little over $200. Not too shabby.

And if you’re not feeling the sugary sweet colors, there’s always black. As I just recently mentioned on Twitter, there is no such thing as having too many pairs of black shoes. Wouldn’t you agree?


Photo via the Nordstrom Catalog – March 2013

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31 December 2012 / By Nikia Jefferson

NYDJ Denim: Get Skinny (Jeans) in the New Year


This curvy girl loves a good skinny jean, even though they are difficult to find.  But I’ve found a brand that has officially become my “go to” for denim.

NYDJ (formerly known as Not Your Daughter’s Jeans) carries some of the best fitting jeans I’ve ever tried on. Not only do they feel great, but they make you look great.  Their Lift Tuck Technology® flattens the tummy while lifting and smoothing your curves so you look and feel a size smaller.

NYDJ gifted me a pair and as soon as the baby was born, I slipped on the grey and black python skinny jeans (my first pair of printed denim, mind you). The super soft fabric and hint of stretch felt amazing; the higher rise ensured there would be no muffin top sightings; and the print made just enough of a statement without being too over-the-top. Needless to say, I thought I was cute.

I’ve now been on a mission to own as many pairs of NYDJ jeans as possible.  With many of the jeans priced at $98 – $150, it may not be the most affordable pair you will  find, but they are definitely worth it. And if you’re lucky, you can find some styles on the sale racks at Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s or insanely discounted at Nordstrom Rack.

My personal favorites are the coated jeans, which provide the look of leather with the ease of stretch denim, and of course the printed jeans. Recently, my more sensible self snagged a dark denim pair that I’ve practically lived in for the past few weeks.

NYDJ is available in petite and plus sizes as well as short and long inseams. So, every woman can enjoy the great fit and make-me-appear-smaller benefits.

Even more important than looking slimmer (yes, there are more important things to consider when getting dressed in the morning) is comfort and confidence. With those two things on deck, you’re bound to look fabulous, regardless.

Head to your local department store to try NYDJ on for size. Once you fall in love (and you will), make sure you also check out to view and purchase styles that may not necessarily be in store. Meanwhile, I’ll be adding “get skinny (jeans)” to my list of 2013 resolutions. That’s one goal I know I can meet.

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