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22 December 2015 / By Nikia Jefferson

Soothe: The Best Last-Minute Holiday Gift…For Yourself


Aroma Therapy

Sometimes, the most wonderful time of the year turns out to also be the most stressful. Shopping for (and wrapping) numerous gifts, playing hostess for family and friends and/or house-hopping during the holiday season can certainly take its toll. Thankfully, the on-demand massage app, Soothe*, is here to help!

When everything starts to settle down, what could possibly sound better than getting a full-body massage in the comfort of your own home? Nothing, right?!

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03 November 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Celebrate Innovation in Fashion (and Garance Doré) at Fashion Forward


msi gif

Being apart of this here blogging game has afforded me with many opportunities, some of which I never would have imagined. And being asked to co-host the upcoming Fashion Forward event, at the Museum of Science and Industry, is yet another “pinch me” moment.

Fashion Forward is all about celebrating innovation in fashion. The curators have worked extremely hard, over the past few months, to bring to you some of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring items from around the world (I got a sneak peek, so trust me on that). Not only will you be able to see how science will influence the future of fashion, but you will also be allowed to experience the innovation firsthand, through some of the interactive exhibits.

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03 September 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Quality Sound On The Go, Thanks to Bose


Bose Soundlink Mini Speaker

Women with great style tend to be gadget lovers. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends goes hand in hand with staying up-to-date with the latest technology and mobile apps. That’s exactly why I agreed to test drive the Bose Soundlink Mini speaker.

From headphones to computer speakers, my household is starting to become a Bose-only zone. The quality of sound is unmatched by other brands, so I figured the Soundlink Mini wouldn’t disappoint. Provided to me by Verizon Wireless, midway through the summer, you can bet I put this portable speaker to good use.

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30 April 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Jumpstart Your Social Life With Sosh


sosh collage


Hip-Hop karaoke, a sushi rolling class and a 24K gold facial.

No, these unique experiences can’t be found in the same location (unfortunately). However, they are just a sampling of what you’ll discover on the best new app for social butterflies, Sosh.

As soon as you signup, the most highly recommended spots around town will be featured on your homepage. My newest favorite, “Chicago’s Best Hole-In-The-Walls”, details the city’s best spots for good eats and no frills. Two of my favorites, Nuevo Leon and Lem’s BBQ, were included. So let’s just say, I know the list is legit.

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18 March 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

3 Mobile Apps To Feed Your Shopping Addiction


With over 1 million mobile apps at our disposal, it’s hard to determine which ones will actually become useful in our everyday lives (and will not crash every 5 minutes). In terms of shopping apps, I’ve tried and beta-tested a few.   Developers have even contacted me directly for honest feedback – I guess you can say my incessant shopping has become quite useful to some.

When it comes to shopping apps, there are a few key components that make certain ones float to the top of my list: clean design, a user-friendly interface, extensive search and filter capabilities, ability to save favorites or create a wishlist, and direct access to the retailer’s site for purchase.

Three specific apps are winning the battle for most utilized, at least on my phone. I fire them up at least 2-3 times a week. And here’s why.

shopstyle collage final


iOs and Android

Any time I’m on the hunt for something specific (or not so specific), I refer to the ShopStyle app. The ability to search a multitude of retailers from one central location is a godsend, especially for those of us who like to comparison shop. From the most detailed (“DvF Bianca Pump”) to the most vague (“leather satchel”), this app provides relevant search results that can be drilled down to an exact size, color, and price range. It’s easy to keep track of your finds (a simple click on the heart icon to adds the item to your favorites) and also when they go on sale (select the Sale Alert button to be notified of any price drops).

Consider ShopStyle the Google of retail. I certainly do.

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19 February 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Quirky iPhone Cases to Liven Up Your Collection

 ASOS iPhone Cases Food Blah Fries Hot Dog

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to amass a serious assortment of iPhone cases. For me, my phone cases are an extension of my accessories collection and similar to my wardrobe, I want my case to match my mood for the day. Needless to say, plain ones just don’t cut it. Although I can’t deny that Kate Spade tends to have some of the prettiest cases in the market, sometimes a girl just wants to have fun.

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26 November 2013 / By Nikia Jefferson

IRISTOCRACY Launches in Style


iristocracy collage edit

In recent years, eyewear has gone from “just functional” to “also fashionable”. It is now considered an accessory for those of us with less than perfect eyesight. Newly-launched website,, totally gets it and allows consumers to shop for new frames and other accessories (i.e. jewelry, handbags and scarves) in one spot.

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25 June 2013 / By Nikia Jefferson

Feedly: The Only Google Reader Alternative You Need To Know



photo credit: feedly

If you haven’t heard, Google Reader will no longer exists as of July 1. And if you’re like me and rely heavily on Google Reader to house all of your blog subscriptions and RSS feeds, the impending termination probably has you panicking a bit. If so, you’ll be glad to know I found the RSS reader that will have you asking, “Google Reader, who”?

When the news first broke earlier this year, there were several new and existing RSS feed reader companies scrambling to provide a comparable replacement for avid Google Reader fans. Of course many of these alternatives allow you to export your Google Reader subscriptions, and quite seamlessly I might add.

But what about the starred items?

You know, those articles we’ve saved over the years to reference or pull inspiration from, on a later date. Many of the alternatives (e.g. Bloglovin’) do not allow users to import their starred items directly into the reader. Sure, there is a way to import them to the bookmarks on your browser. But who has time to figure out how to export their Google Reader data via Google Takeout, locate the starred.json file, add the JSONview extension to your browser, then reorganize all the links within your bookmarks? Plus, what happens to those bookmarks when your computer crashes? They’ll be lost forever. I don’t have time for that level of devastation.

To save you from the frustration of seeking out the best solution, I did the legwork and found the most viable option. Feedly.

Feedly 2


For starters, the Google Reader import process was almost too easy. No tech knowledge is required. You will be prompted to enter your Google login information, then Feedly takes it from there. Within minutes, my subscriptions and favorites were loaded, all in tact and organized as they were previously. The layout is clean, social media integration is straightforward and there are several different view options (from title-only to full article).




What makes Feedly an RSS reader powerhouse is their new cloud functionality. This means you can access your feed subscriptions from a computer or any of your devices (using the Feedly app or any app from this ever-growing list) and all activity is saved on each and every one of them. If you’re on the laptop sifting through your subscriptions on Feedly, they will be marked as “read” when you power up the Feedly app on your iPhone. Adding a blog to your list of subscriptions, while on your Galaxy S4? Expect to see that new feed the next time you view Feedly via NextGen Reader on your Surface Pro. That level of access and synchronicity was never available for Google Reader. So kudos to Feedly for taking things to the next level and making our lives that much easier.

Needless to say, I’m glad I decided to wait a little longer before converting over to a new reader. My procrastination has paid off…this time. If you haven’t done so, visit and get to exporting. July 1 will be here before you know it!


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15 February 2013 / By Nikia Jefferson

Friday Find: Half Circle Bag by Kate Spade Saturday


Friday Find showcases the item ChiTown Fashionista has become smitten with during the current week. Plus, what better way to start the weekend than with a bit of impulse shopping? It’s been a long week, you’ve earned it.

I recently received word that Kate Spade would be launching a new collection named “Saturday” (more to come on that later). The overall theme of the collection is that every day should be Saturday.  And it shows.  It’s a fun and vibrant offering of clothing, accessories, and all those miscellaneous items you don’t need but somehow can’t live without. Like, that  Tic Tac Toe set or an iPhone case emblazoned with the lyrics to “Bust A Move”?

Although Kate Spade Saturday doesn’t officially launch until March, there is a pop up shop currently on that allows you to preview and purchase some key items.


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08 February 2013 / By Nikia Jefferson

Local Fashion Experts Dish On Fashion Week Essentials


“New York Fashion Week is on and many Chicagoans are in the Big Apple attending runway shows and taking note of the latest trends. I caught up with some of my favorite and most stylish locals to see what items help them endure the chaos. Then, I included where in Chicago you can find these essentials. Not only will they help you survive Fashion Week, but they will also get you through any week in this concrete jungle we call Chi-Town.

Some of my favorite stylists and fellow fashion bloggers in Chicago have chimed in on which items are necessary for tackling Fashion Week. Click here to find out who, what and where.

Happy Fashion Week, all!

P.S. You can visit the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week site (here) and watch each and every runway show in your pajamas. Calling in sick is not allowed though. OK?

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