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07 August 2015 / By Nikia Jefferson

I-Cash: The Money You Never Knew You Had




You have unclaimed money!

Typically, when you see those words in your inbox, you quickly hit the delete button to avoid the scammers and spambots. Needless to say, when the Illinois Treasurer’s Office contacted me about the possibility of there being money and assets with my name on it, I was a bit hesitant. Once I started researching, I discovered that not only is the I-Cash site legit, but I (and some of my family members) actually had funds waiting to be claimed!

I-Cash Illinois Treasurer

Wondering what could possibly be out there for you? I’ve seen everything from refunds on auto insurance and healthcare to savings accounts interest and dividend payments. Whether it’s a little extra lunch money, enough funds for all your back-to-school (and Fall wardrobe) shopping or the cash you need to finally plan that dream getaway, it could be yours for the taking.

The Illinois Treasurer’s Office has launched a campaign to encourage residents to retrieve the $2 billion in cash and $20 million in assets sitting in their vaults. Check out the video below for more details.


The process is simple. Visit the I-Cash site and enter your name (ladies, also try your maiden name). If there is a match, fill out the online claim form. Then sit back and wait for your property or cash to arrive (typically within three weeks).

Now get to claiming, people! And feel free to drop me a finder’s fee. You know where to find me.


In partnership with the Illinois Treasurer’s Office

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  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks! I found some money with my husband’s name on it! 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    My name was listed! Woo-hoo!! *does the robot*

  3. Renee G. says:

    Awesome! My husband had a listing!

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