Brows and Spring Makeup Trends

24 March 2015 / By Elise Giannasi

Brows and Spring Makeup Trends with Sabrina of Beauty Babe



Spring is finally upon us (although you wouldn’t know it after yesterday’s snow storm). That means it’s time to thaw out your frozen face and get it ready for the warmer temperatures and all the new beauty trends that come with the change of season.

But where should you start?! If you’re in Chicago, that’s a no brainer.  Our new favorite go-to for all things eyebrows is Agnes O. Salon and Derma Spa (21 W. Elm Street) in the Gold Coast, where Sabrina Danyla of Beauty Babe is the resident brow magician and makeup artist.

Yes, I said brow magician! Sabrina is known for brows, first and foremost. She believes your eyebrows (especially the placement of the arch) are the key to lifting and opening your eyes and unlocking the youthful brightness that lies within.  “Brows can anchor our look,” Sabrina says. “We can change our desired look from ladylike to coquettish, all in a matter of brows.”

After one visit with Sabrina, I’m thoroughly convinced she is right. Using a brow pencil and tweezers to sculpt and make just a few tweaks to my arch, my face opened right up and drew the attention not to the brows, but to my eyes, cheeks, and smile.




Here are a few brow tricks Sabrina showed me for an instant face lift:

1. Accentuate your arch slightly by using a brow pencil to outline the bottom edge and then outline the top.

2. Blend in the center with a dense brush, to soften your look. You can always add more color to deepen and strengthen your brow – especially for darker skin tones.

3. Clean the edges by adding concealer or a light powder just under the brows and tracing the length of the brow where the hair emerges from your skin. This really accentuates the shape, and you’ll notice your eyes look instantly bigger and brighter.


With Sabrina launching her Beauty Babe makeup line soon, of course I couldn’t leave before picking Sabrina’s brain about makeup trends for Spring.

Sidenote: You can visit the salon to sample and purchase the makeup before it’s available to the masses.



She immediately said pastels, especially for lips. For a flirty pout in different shapes, sizes and skin tones, how does this translate? “Make sure, when shopping for colors, to consider the depth and tone of the pigments. Women with lighter skin tones can rock colors such as pinks, brights and nudes, while some shades don’t translate on darker skin. For women of color, make sure to look for richly colored pigments and shimmers,” she advises. Beauty Babe has some killer shades, and Sabrina can help you select the perfect hue that’s right for you.

“The winged eye is also in full effect,” she says. “The wing is softer and finer than the cat eye. It is more refined and not as dramatic as the Amy Winehouse effect. I recommend using a gel liner like the Beauty Babe black caviar gel liner. Start at the inner corner with a soft light line and thicken it as you go along the center of your lashline. Subtly and gently extend the “wing” up in the outer corner and fill in the lashline for a fuller lush look.”

She also confirmed that contouring is still all the rage. But don’t overdo it. In other words, contouring should be subtle. To achieve the right look, Sabrina suggests,  “Have 2 shades of powder foundation – a deeper shade of powder foundation for contouring in addition to your natural shade. Apply the deeper shade in the hollow of your cheekbones, down the sides of the nose, under your chin, in the depth of the temples, and along your hairline. If you have a bit of a fuller cheek, I recommend emphasizing the side of the cheek to reinforce it. Blend – REALLY, BLEND – the edges of all contouring powder with your contour brush until you reach the desired effect.”



Needless to say, I left the salon not only looking like a million bucks (did you see that before and after pic?), but also with a wealth of knowledge on how to achieve a new look for the season. Oh, and I booked another appointment for a full shaping (my thin brows need to grow out a bit).



Beauty Babe by Sabrina’s list of services include:

  • Expert Makeup services – including eyebrows, makeup applications and bridal – range from $25 – $125
  • Permanent Makeup services (consultation required) range from $200 – 400 depending on area of face
  • Eyelash Extensions services range from $100 – 300 depending on thickness
  • Spray Tanning services for face and body range from $25 – 55




Ready to book your appointment with Sabrina? Call (312)-265 -0481 to make it happen. Oh, and you’ll receive a 25% discount just for mentioning ChiTown Fashionista. How’s that for an incentive?!

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