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23 October 2013 / By Nikia Jefferson

No More Solid Color Sweaters…For Now


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Print or chambray. Nine times out of ten, you will see me wearing one or the other. With the weather now comfortably settled into the 30 to 40 degrees range, and since there is no such thing as a chambray sweater (or is it?), I plan to live in printed sweaters over the next few months. I have literally banned myself from purchasing solid color sweaters. And with so many prints and patterns available, that shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Sure, prints can be a bit intimidating to some. But don’t be scurred. Start with a simple black and white or animal print if you’re looking to dip your toe in the printed sweater waters. They can easily pair with black or any solid color, for that matter. Then once you’re ready to move to the deep end, try a bolder print or some print-on-print action, whether it’s adding a printed shirt underneath or pairing with a printed pant or skirt. Just remember that print-on-print is best achieved when there is at least one color in common (as shown above).

Ready to jump on the bandwagon with me? Here are a few options to get you started.

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