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22 February 2013 / By Nikia Jefferson

Breaking Down My Standout Style



my style collage

When asked to explain what makes my style so unique, I was actually stumped. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to put it into words. In general, I believe personal style is rooted in one’s background and upbringing. We all have our own narrative. And the way we dress explicitly tells that story.

Surrounded by my extremely fashionable mom and aunts (peep the 70s photo of them above), I couldn’t help but embrace the notion of dressing well for the occasion. I guess that also explains why I practically live in skirts and dresses and only own a handful of jeans and couple pairs of sneakers. I mean, even my favorite winter coat is fully skirted!

Never one to stick to a singular style, I tend to dress according to my mood and let my accessories do the talking. I have my mom to blame for my love of jewelry. With her unbelievable knack for discovering statement baubles, even in hospital gift shops, she has taught me a thing or two about accessorizing.  My collection of jewelry includes treasures from my travels overseas, shopping local markets and scouring my mom’s dresser drawers.

my style button covers

When it comes to design, the bolder, the better. I always leave the house wearing at least one item of interest and rely heavily on accessories (mostly jewelry and specs) to showcase my individuality. If it’s not one-a-kind or uniquely made, forget about it.


a sampling of my brooch collection

Besides jewelry, I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes and handbags (what girl doesn’t, right?). That’s where a good chunk of my money is spent, simply because quality is at the top of my list. Don’t get me wrong though. There still has to be some level of cool factor built in, whether it’s exclusivity,  a striking color or a quirky spin on a classic design.

my favorite L.K. Bennett shoes

Bevel Blogger

Kate Spade dictionary clutch

I think it’s safe to say,  I try to maintain my own version of standout style. Maybe it’s my love for sharing information on my new favorite designers and places to shop that drives the conscious effort to wear conversation pieces – or it could just be my desire to separate myself from the pack. Either way, my style journey has helped me realize one thing:  Style is 100% personal.  So why bother trying to please anyone but yourself.

Do you agree? Share in the comments what makes your style so unique!

Click here to check out part #2 of Breaking Down My Standout Style, where I breakdown the most coveted frames in my eyewear collection.


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Nikia Jefferson is the Founder and Editor of ChiTown Fashionista and has always had an affinity for shoes and shopping, in general. In addition to addressing fashion trends and her latest obsessions, Nikia promotes the remarkable, yet underexposed, local shops and designers she encounters in Chicago and beyond. Deemed as ‘the enabler of fashion consumption’, Nikia works to captivate the hearts of fellow shopaholics by featuring the unique treasures found during her shopping adventures.

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6 Comments so far

  1. Liza says:

    I totally agree with you and I’m also in love with full skirts, jewelry, and shoes!

  2. Total Agree with you Nikia…”Style is 100% personal.” And you have style indeed my friend.

    Awesome article!!

  3. Kim Justice says:

    Great article Nikia. You did a wonderful job of breaking down your style. Style is personal and it can change day to day. My style manifesto is wear what makes you feel absolutely amazing everyday of your life.

  4. Nigel Isaiah says:

    OMG so that Kate Spade clutch, LOVE! How cool is that. Your personal style is so fun, it has that “Where did you get that” quality. A lot of your pieces in the photos above are so unique you just cant help but ask. I really enjoyed this post.

  5. Ashley says:

    I love your style. Great article and pictures 🙂

    With Love,


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    […] As previously mentioned, one of the many things that makes my style unique is my eyewear. For many years, I wore contacts on a daily basis and used eyeglasses only as backup. I’m not sure what triggered the switch in gears, but I can probably count on both hands the amount of times I’ve worn contacts over the past 4 years.  I attribute the change to many factors: (1) my desire to no longer have to concern myself  with inserting and removing contacts, (2) my need to take accessorizing a step further and showcase how eyewear can be fashionable and (3) a little shop in Chicago called Labrabbit Optics. […]

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