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05 November 2012 / By Nikia Jefferson

Foxes, Owls, and French Hens: Embracing the Animal Motif Sweater Trend


Fashion trends. There’s no way to avoid them. And every season, there is something that resonates with many consumers and trickles down from the high-end of the designer spectrum all the way down to the mass production (aka “fast fashion”) brands.  Right now, one of those trends is the animal motif sweater.

Intarsia Sweaters

J. Crew French Hen Sweater (I actually own this one)
Burberry Brit Fox Print Sweater
Dorothy Perkins Zebra Intarsia Sweater
Gap Intarsia Owl Tunic Sweate


In the August 2012 InStyle UK magazine, I spotted Kate Bosworth rocking a Burberry owl sweater tucked into a Burberry peplum skirt (shown above). It was this photo that pretty much sealed the deal for me. I knew I would embrace the trend but needed to find the perfect sweater.

Then the J. Crew catalog arrived. The French Hen sweater was the perfect representation of my style and personality. After hunting it down, it became mine.

This trend is something everyone can join in on, at every price point. Not feeling animalistic? Then try an intarsia sweater emblazoned with a heart or a “@” sign. The ultimate goal is simply to find a sweater with a large graphic image as the focal point, then put it in heavy rotation by wearing it with jeans, tweed or leather pants, peplum skirts, etc. Sky’s the limit.

Ready to jump on the bandwagon? Below are a few more options to get your adrenaline pumping.




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6 Comments so far

  1. Ashlei says:

    Love love love. I’m about ready to buy one of the owl sweaters and the French bulldog…and maybe the bowtie wearing tiger….. 🙂

    Kinks Are The New Pink

  2. Vivi says:

    Not really big on animals but I’m definitely down to purchase animal motif sweaters. Or any print motif sweater, at that.

  3. Alexis Grace says:

    I think one of the first animal sweaters I fell for was actually the Fall 2011 Jill Stuart collection that had a wolf on it.

    It is very fun trend!

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