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09 October 2012 / By Gabriel Charles Tyler

The 6th Annual Latino Fashion Week: Providing a Space for Latino Designers


As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to an end, Chicago prepares for the 6th Annual Latino Fashion Week® (LFW), the only full-week event and tour dedicated to Latino fashion in the United States. This year, the main events will be held at Zhou B Art Center and the Macy’s flagship on State Street.

Latino Fashion Week is the only Fashion Week in the United States created to support the talent of local, national and international Latino designers. Last year, I was struck by the themed motto, By Latinos, For Everyone, which has become the driving notion behind LFW. What I loved most about experiencing Latino Fashion Week last year was the reminder that representations of and opportunities for Latinos and other designers of color have remained limited. However, it has not stifled the growth and creativity they have to offer the fashion industry at large.

This year’s theme, Images of Fashion, aims to draw attention to the elements of the fashion industry behind the lens. The tour includes Dallas, Chicago and Miami, honoring all the photographers and videographers that create the fashion images we see. This five-day event will include runway shows, celebrity appearances, VIP receptions, and a one-day Fashion Lounge and Expo.

Here are the events I’m looking forward to:

A special photography exhibit by world-renowned fashion photojournalist Daniel Garriga will be on display throughout the week at Zhou B Art Center, and I cannot wait to see what work he offers us a glimpse into. There are many things I love about Garriga: he was born in Barcelona, he attended NYU and he’s based in New York City. However, what I love most about him and his work is his use of vivid colors and delicate treatment of the most intricate details.

*Cue ‘Maria, Maria’.* (I know you were thinking it, too!)

Who doesn’t love Carlos Santa? Macy’s, Vanidades magazine & LFW have teamed up to honor Carlos Santana’s influence in the music and fashion world with a panel of experts. His “Carlos by Carlos Santana” line of shoes and handbags at Macy’s is very popular among all demographics. I’m looking forward to seeing what stops Macy’s will pull out to celebrate this icon.

Last, but definitely not least, the finale for LFW! This season, the closing show, For the Jetsetter: Haute Couture, Resort and Swimwear, features the designs of local and international designers; Yirko Sirivich swimwear for men and Eva by Evelyn swimwear for women. While I’m not familiar with either of the designers, I always love seeing fresh faces because I never know what to expect. Plus, any notion of summer would make my day, especially with the chilly weather we’ve been experiencing lately.

Check out more about Latino Fashion Week and all of the related events:

Which events will you be attending? 

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