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11 October 2012 / By Gabriel Charles Tyler

10 Foolproof Fall Trends for the Man in Need


As the temperatures continue to fall and the chill moves in, we can no longer deny that Autumn is finally here.

I love Fall fashion. It’s one of the most creative seasons in that we begin to see how different combinations of colors, textures and layers create a unique look.

With Fall fashion for men, there are endless possibilities. No two formulas are the same because various pairings create different style perspectives. Therefore, I used the Fall 2012 collection from H&M – one of my favorite stores to pull closet fillers from – to create a palette from which to start building your Fall wardrobe.

1. Golden Brown Leather Gloves $29.95

Leather is always an important detail, and there couldn’t possibly be enough of it this season. When mixed with various colors and textures, leather adds a little more allure to a look. While some opt for leather jackets and bags, I take the less traveled road and use leather gloves instead to pick up the trend. Sometimes less is more, and a little leather goes a long way.

2. Rib-knit Tube Scarf $17.95

A neutral-toned scarf will accentuate the color hues of a complete look. It goes with practically anything as well as any  color, and can be dressed up or down. I choose to buy a few tube scarves because they’re easier than working with a regular knit scarf and trying to wrap it yourself. Less work and more bang for your buck.

3. Flat Newsboy Cap $9.95

Typically, I despise hats. And while I’m no fan of advocating men to have a hat for every outfit, I can’t help but love the new newsboy hat trend. It’s a classic accessory that adds a timeless look to any ensemble. I’d go for the tweed or corduroy styles for added texture.

4. Straight Cut Coat $149

It’s time to pull out an overcoat. I tend to go for the trench coat, especially if it has a removable lining, which makes it the ideal choice for trans-seasonal wear. However, I’ve really been getting into straight cut coats because of the tailored look they lend to any outfit.

 5. Tweed Blazer $49.95

Blazers are must-haves for the Fall and Winter seasons. You can find various styles, with elbow patches or special buttons. However, keep it neutral when it comes to color tones. The tweed blazer is is a versatile piece that can be worn with jeans, chinos or trousers.

6. Striped Knit Sweater $34.95

Stripes are always a staple, no matter the season. I’m particularly interested in the idea of stripes paired with color blocking in one piece. It adds a sort of juxtaposition that makes you stop, if even for just a second. Experiment with different knits, paying close attention to how they can complement each other or stand alone.

7. Rust Red Pants $29.95

A touch of color is crucial this season. Similar to Spring and Summer, colored pants are still on-trend. Cop a pair of trousers, corduroys or cottons in rusted oranges and reds, tans, camel, mustard, and peanut butter browns.

8. Beige Leather Belt $17.95

As previously stated, leather is in – especially hued leather. But don’t kill the entire herd of cows. Opt for smaller doses of leather.

9. Striped Fine-knit Socks $9.95

Socks! Men don’t pay as much attention to these accessories, but they’re as equally important as any other piece of an outfit. Go for patterns and colors because you never know when that little inch of a sock can be seen.

10. Dark Blue Imitation Suede Desert Boots $49.95

For cool weather, you need cool boots. These dark hued desert boots are perfect because they complement all colors and styles. You want a boot that you can wear on a day out or a night on the town, not just a bulky boot to brace the snow.

Which Fall fashion trend are you trying?

Photos used as a courtesy of H&M.

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  1. Rita Milton says:

    Loving the rust red pants. You chose some great pieces Gabriel!

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