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18 September 2012 / By Nikia Jefferson

The Kate Spade Dictionary Clutch: More Than Meets the Eye


One of these kids is doing its own thing…


I have to admit, I adore it when surprise elements are incorporated into clothing and accessories.  This season, Kate Spade has hit a home run with her Wordsmith Dictionary Clutch! Designed to resemble a leather bound dictionary, this handbag will have you making a statement and outsmarting purse snatchers simultaneously.


I have always admired the Kate Spade book clutches from afar, but my inner nerd was completely drawn to her newest addition and subsequently pulled out the credit card to seal the deal.

In person, it is a beauty – from the rich brown leather exterior to the black and white striped interior. The frame closure guarantees structure and easy access, while the credit card slots and zipper pouch allows for organization of the minimal necessities one can fit into this bag.

The accompanying dustbag, engraved with a whimsical quote, is simply the icing on the cake.


And who says you can’t be book and street (style) smart?


To get your hands on this statement maker, visit Nordstrom or Kate Spade.


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  1. Noidsha says:

    This is freaking adorable. Now if kate spade wasn’t so darn pricey. Regardless, I am definitely considering. However, i think i do like the magazine/newspaper clutch idea just a tad bit better.

    • Nodisha says:

      Nnow why could’t i spell my name right?! smh Hey Mrs. Chi-town Fashionista.

    • Nikia Jefferson says:

      Ah yes! The newspaper/magazine clutches. I think those are better for going out at night. But I think the dictionary clutch is more ideal for a daytime look.

  2. Andrea says:


    Kate Spade wins with this clutch. So super cute.

    Your pics displaying this clutch is a winner as well. Gorgeous!!

  3. Mikal says:

    I ADORE this! And your pics certainly do it justice. I would scream if I saw anyone else with it, though . . .

  4. Alexis Grace says:

    How fun!!!! And what a great conversation piece! I love the way you photographed it 🙂

  5. Chanell Ruth says:

    Love the purse and the post. Both, so clever.

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