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03 July 2012 / By Rita Milton

Rita Recap: The Makeup Show Chicago

The Makeup Show made it’s way back to Venue One here in Chicago’s West Loop for its second year of fun, knowledge, and of course makeup! The blogger preview event, hosted by makeup artist James Vincent, took place the day before the show. This was a great opportunity to get the inside scoop on the who, what, and where of the show (the exhibitor list alone was enough to swoon over).

In addition to this great information, the ladies in attendance where also given quite the swag bag of amazing beauty products, which included a never before seen OCC Lip Tar in the color “Radiate” and a new Makeup Forever Aqua Shadow. Needless to say, this only intensified the excitement for what was to come the following two days.

Upon entering the show the next day, I was given the opportunity to chat briefly with the amazing Mr. James Vincent. As the Director of Artistry for The Makeup Show as well as a makeup artist extraordinaire in genres such as TV, film, editorial, and theater, he has accumulated a long list of celebrity clientele over the last 17 years of his career. Being in the industry nearly two decades, James has seen it all when it comes to makeup trends. With so many past trends, I was curious to know which ones he favored. His answer? 60s mod London and the rock & roll inspired trends of the 80s. Though James answered this question with ease, he also mentioned how important it is not to focus on the past and move forward with embracing the new.

This led me to my next question. I wanted to know which upcoming makeup trends he is looking forward to. Let me tell you, James loves him a smokey eye and with that, described a new version of this classic look which I can best describe as three layers of black to create a more defined smokey eye and give it more depth. He also mentioned a twist on this classic smokey eye by using metallic shadows to create a different look. In regards to the overall face, moving away from the dewy look and bringing forth more of a matte face seemed to be the trend. Then we talked lips! The classic red lip as well as a more burgundy shade of red will be gracing the runways in the upcoming seasons.

L to R: Orlando Santiago, James Vincent, Jon Hennessey, Kathy Aragon (photo credit: Brandon Showers)

I asked James what type of makeup artist he felt he was. He described his style of makeup artistry as being very much inspired by the music industry, specifically rock & roll; “uptown glamour with a downtown edge.” LOVE. IT.

Of course I couldn’t let James walk away with out gushing a bit about our beautiful city.  What is James’s favorite thing about Chicago? “The food. The women. The diversity”. He described Chicago as quite the melting pot. He loves the women of Chicago calling them “polished and confident.” Who could argue with that, right? Though James travels quite a bit, he visits Chicago often to attend his favorite spa, Ruby Room! Not only is James extremely talented but incredibly personable and generous in the teachings of his craft. Chatting with James was an absolute pleasure and a personal highlight of The Makeup Show. After chatting it up with James and pinching myself,  I made my way around the show.

I explored the venue to see what each vendor had to offer. I immediately noticed that the most sought after products were at the Makeup Forever, Inglot, NARS and Crown Brush booths; the lines seemed never-ending.

One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen was taking place at the Mehron booth. The makeup artist was working on her model the entire day. This takes body painting to another level! 

Another memorable moment was the “Beauty and the Blog” keynote with Jennifer James,  makeup artist Candace Corey, and the beauty blogging diva we all know and love, Afrobella. Being a member of the beauty world via the blogosphere, several of the points that were discussed hit home for me. With the increasing popularity of beauty blogs and beauty “gurus” via YouTube, gone are the days of having to head to a local makeup counter to get the dos and don’ts of makeup application or the dish on what’s worth your hard earned money. More and more women are turning to “everyday” beauty junkies lovers for guidance. This makes being a beauty blogger/vlogger more vital than ever.

These wonderful women discussed the importance of having your own individual voice in this industry. As Patrice put it, “a range of voices are needed.” She emphasized the notion,  “Be yourself. Be natural. Be beautiful.” This mantra can pertain to many areas of life but it was stressed that in this industry and among the increasing presence of online beauty blogs, it is increasingly important to make what you put out into the world count. I know we all walked away from the discussion feeling refreshed and empowered.

L to R: Jennifer James, Patrice Yursik (Afrobella)

In addition to the keynotes, there were mini workshops that included bridal makeup, airbrush makeup, hi def makeup, body painting, and even some basics like color matching and makeup must haves.

Hi Def Bridal-David Klasfeld (OCC)/Color Matching-Maurice Stein (Cinema Secrets)

Closing out the show was a phenomenal keynote by the one and only Billy B! Billy B’s career is quite impressive. Mr Brasfield, one of the most well known makeup artists in the entertainment industry, shared his humble beginnings and how he came to be the force that he is today. The Q&A forum was extremely candid, funny, and most importantly, honest. Simply put, Billy B keeps it real like no other!

The Makeup Show Chicago was a fantastic experience! Though the event is the largest pro-only beauty event in Chicago, it does benefit the everyday beauty enthusiast such as myself. Getting the chance to see the latest and greatest products in the market, while receiving tips and tricks from  some of the best makeup artists in the world is an experience that only an event like this could provide.


Did you attend The Makeup Show this year? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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  1. Andrea says:

    Great write up Rita(per usual),

    I did not attend the Makeup Show…was waiting for your recap hehehe!!

    The Mehron body painting was EPIC!!!

    • Margarita Milton says:

      Thank you Andrea! I agree, the talent of that Mehron artist was incredible! Thanks for reading!

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