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16 July 2012 / By Sarah Powers

Gettin’ Down at the Swáthe Summer Par-tay

As someone who doesn’t live in the city, I’m always super excited when I get the chance to visit Chicago. I still get goosebumps every time I see that skyline on the horizon, and I always manage to anger (what seems like) as many city drivers as I can with my not-so-savvy city driving and parallel parking skills. BUT once I’m out of the car, however, I feel right at home as I strut down the street, wind whipping my hair behind me and heels clicking on the pavement below.

Bringing me to the city a couple of weeks ago was the Swáthe trunk show hosted by Eclectic Chique Boutique in Lincoln Park. Gabriel, who decided to accompany me to the event, and I showed up early, just in time to catch Monique Scott, the owner, and Shatisha Wilks, the designer and President of Swáthe, before the crowd rushed in. As they were setting up, mixing drinks, and placing products, we were able to learn a little bit about the stories behind their recent entrance into the Chicago fashion scene.

Eclectic Chique (807 W. Dickens), as Monique explains, came to be on somewhat of a whim. Within 2 days of quitting her “9-5” job, she had found the perfect store space in Lincoln Park and was ready to start her new life  – the one she says she was always meant for – as a city boutique owner. Monique describes the items in her shop as pieces that you would find in her own wardrobe.  We saw all of the hottest trends of the season at Eclectic Chique, including little twists of Monique’s personal favorite styles.

When I picked up a scalloped coral backless top (that, of course, I instantly fell in love with), I was expecting to see a price that would have me running to the clearance rack for sure. Instead, I was delightfully surprised at how reasonably priced my soon-to-be purchase was (you know how I feel about items for a good price!). One of the things Monique prides herself on is being able to sell her products at every price range. She says everything in the store is $200 or less, which is great when you’re a penny-pinching shopper. She hopes to bring a little more pizzazz to the Lincoln Park fashion scene featuring clothes and accessories from local designers, including her own line of fabulous earrings made from the finest recycled materials.  To learn more about Eclectic Chique, visit the store or click HERE for their website!

But the real stars of this summer soiree were the products on display from Swáthe. Shatisha, the designer, says the inspiration that started her company came from the chaos of trying to organize her closet and not being able to arrange her delicate items in a way that kept them safe and orderly at the same time. She applied that theory to traveling with those same items and voilà! Swáthe was born. Swáthe, meaning to envelop, wrap, or cover, creates items that make it easy to transport or store your favorite, let’s say, “high end” pieces that you really wouldn’t feel comfortable with just throwing into a suitcase.

Also taking jewelry and unmentionables into consideration. She’s designed special carriers for our accessories and sacks for our not-so-fresh laundry. The prints and designs of the Swáthe products make them both fashionable and functional, a truly irresistible combination. To check out more of what Swáthe has to offer, click HERE for their website!


What are your favorite picks from Eclectic Boutique and Swáthe?

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  1. Sarah, great job! I had so much fun accompanying you to this event, and I’m still waiting to see photos of the outfit you purchased at Eclectic Boutique.

    P.S. Your photos look amazing! I wish I could have you photograph all the events I attend.

  2. Maven says:

    This is a good piece and great photography. This looks like I store I would want to check out.

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