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01 June 2012 / By Nikia Jefferson

Archie Grand Notebooks: Long Live the Handwritten Word

With the introduction, and increasing popularity, of smartphones and iPads, handwritten notes are becoming a thing of the past.  But there are many, myself included, that are still not comfortable relying solely on technology to preserve our thoughts, ideas and career goals. Luckily, Archie Grand had us in mind when it created its colorful collection of witty notebooks.


With a slew of cover titles ranging from “Travelers I Met and Liked” and “Academics I Met and Liked” to “Bloggers I Met and Liked” and “Fashionistas I Met and Liked” (my personal favorites), there is a notebook to cover nearly every aspect of your life.

These can be used as notebooks, journals and even scrapbooks. Imagine using it to organize and catalog all of the business cards you receive. Staple the cards to the page and write notes to remind you exactly why that business (or personal) connection is so important. Pretty intuitive, right?

Visit to check out the entire collection. Once you pick your favorites, head over to to see if they are available for purchase there. Amazon has the best price ($10 or under) and there’s no need to calculate the euro to dollar conversion. Keep in mind that there will be a few notebooks that are only available via the Archie Grand website. But with free international shipping, it will only set you back about $15.

How cool would it be to have a colorful library of Archie Grand notebooks on your shelf?

I plan on starting my collection this weekend. How about you?

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  1. Kim says:

    I adore the Archie Grand notebooks, I just wish the pages were lined. I emailed them to suggest lined pages so if that ever happens, let everyone know to thank me, lol.

    A collection of Archie Grand notebooks would look great on my bookshelf next to my fashion books.

    I wonder if they take suggestions for book titles…

    • Nikia Jefferson says:

      Lined pages is an excellent idea. Keep me posted on their response.

      And I was thinking the same thing in regards to title suggestions. I have a few in mind already!

  2. Rita says:

    “Husbands/Wives I Had And Liked” LOL! I love these and do have the urge to actually use a pen and paper every once in a while. Hand written anything really is dying off…it’s sad.

  3. themollycake says:

    OhMyGosh I love these! I just colorblocked my bookshelf and I love blank notebooks. I must have these. NOW.

    • Nikia Jefferson says:

      These would be PERFECT for your colorblocked bookshelf! Happy shopping. 🙂

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