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28 March 2012 / By Gabriel Charles Tyler

Four Star Style: Chicago’s Urban Fashion Showcase

A few days ago, Crown Royal presented Four Star Style, a fashion event showcasing the stars of Chicago’s urban fashion life. Held at Gallery 1028, four fashion brands, including Iridium, Leaders 1354, Sir & Madame, and Modahnik, displayed their latest collections on the runway while DJ iLLA and DJ Legacy manned the 1’s and 2’s.

Before the runway show commenced, attendees got a chance to chomp down on bags of freshly made truffle oil popcorn (which I must admit tasted like heaven) and partake in the Crown Royal life by drinking some of the liquor brand’s many mixtures. Can you say Crown Royal on ice?

Iridium had a lot of anime and cartoon prints in their collection for both ladies and gentlemen. Camouflage and other prints must really be in this season because I saw them in every single collection. If you’re a girl with a passion for comic books and super heroes, Iridium’s latest line is perfect for you. It’s definitely a look I haven’t seen before, but it can be interesting when styled correctly.

Leaders 1354 stuck to what they know best: men’s wear. The brand has been in business for 9 years, and if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. One thing I loved about Leaders’ latest line were the political statements featured on the knit tops, such as a photo of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the 1968 Olympics Black Power salute. If you’re looking to make a statement with your apparel, Leaders 1354 may be the look for you. Check out their latest Spring II collection online here.

Sir & Madame presented a more urban hipster take on street style. Their pieces for men and women featured prints, which as I said before seemed to be the theme of the night. A peacock skirt from Sir & Madame hit the runway paired with a sheer orange blouse and cheetah print wedge heels; it’s sure to be a winner among the ladies. For men, the brand offered bags and really hipster shirts. There was a camouflage shirt that I particularly loved because it was two-toned and featured elbow patches. Every man should have a least one shirt, sweater or sport coat with elbow patches.

Honestly, I’ve never heard of Modahnik and I’m disappointed that it’s taken me so long to come across the line. I love tribal prints, and Modahnik presented a take on tribal prints that was more chic than overbearing. Sometimes when an entire look is based on prints, it can be overkill, but there wasn’t one look that I didn’t love.

Overall, the event was a celebration of urban style, which we don’t see often enough in the fashion industry. The featured trend was prints for men and women, including tribal, floral, animal and camouflage.

Can you get with all the prints this season?

Photo Credit: Crown Life Chicago

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  1. Bri says:

    I went to this, it was a very nice fashion show and I so wanted to go to that gallery for a while now….what a great treat! Alcohol and fashion

  2. Gabriel Charles Tyler says:


    My sentiments exactly! Crown Royal was a good look.

  3. Rita says:

    That Modahnik yellow, black & white dress is gorgeous! And are those pockets that the model has her hands in?!? LOVE.

  4. Kahindo Mateene says:

    Hi Rita, Thanks for your kind words. Yes those are pockets on the Yellow Nai dress. I design all my dresses with pockets, so Im glad you love them 🙂
    Thanks for the coverage ChiTown Fashionista!!

  5. Ag says:

    Ankara fever is definitely in full effect loving the Modahnik Collection! Especially the last dress!

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