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14 November 2011 / By Gabriel Charles Tyler

Get the Look: Sorel and Columbia Outfits Handpicked by Daily Candy Editors and Us!

SOREL footwear has protected feet from snow and rain since 1962. However, the brand has not always been considered the fashion force we know it to be today. In the past few years, SOREL has recreated itself from head-to-toe, featuring a new look that marked the brand’s descent from the mountain peak and into the fashion world. Last week, the footwear brand partnered with Daily Candy to introduce its new winter collection to the Windy City.

SOREL’s transformation has been swift due to the brand’s strategic press campaign and a fresh look. As a part of its transformation, SOREL created new looks that appealed to women and men who had to brave extremely cold weather conditions but didn’t want to sacrifice style for practicality. It’s no surprise that the footwear company would team up with Daily Candy, the online resource of editors across the globe delivering the scoop on choice online finds including fashion, food, home décor and must-have accessories, to push their new look to the masses.
SOREL and Daily Candy familiarized Chicagoans with the SOREL winter collection over finger food, sparkling wine, sweet candy and baked treats. The “Step Out in Style” event, which occurred at the Columbia Sportswear store on North Michigan Avenue, was the perfect blend of social and style.
There are plenty of ways to look chic yet sensible during Chicago’s winter months. Daily Candy put together three head-to-toe looks for ladies who’d like to be fashionably warm this winter. ChiTown Fashionista has decided to share those looks with you and include the direct links to purchase each piece. You can replicate the Daily Candy editor favorites or mix and match the items to create your own head-to-toe look.

Check out the special treats below.

Although Daily Candy only created looks for the ladies, ChiTown Fashionista didn’t want to leave the men out of the mix. So we followed Daily Candy’s lead and collected a head-to-toe look for the guys featuring SOREL footwear and Columbia sportswear apparel.
Fellas, check out the look we put together for you below.

You don’t have to wear the ugliest pair of boots to be ready for the snow. Don’t be fooled this winter! You can brave the winter weather in style. SOREL and Columbia Sportswear offer looks that accommodate every woman, man and child at every budget. You can match the pieces with winter wear that you already own or you can buy the looks that we and Daily Candy put together for you. No matter what you do, just make sure you’ll be stepping out in style this winter with SOREL.

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  1. Jac says:

    Shop Sorel boots for sale at CITY SOLES in Wicker Park!

    Visit us online too for men's and women's Sorel boots.

  2. Jac says:

    Shop shoes Sorel at CITY SOLES in Wicker Park!

    Shop new styles for men and women from Sorel online too!

  3. Gabriel Charles Tyler says:


    Are you all going to have Black Friday sales on the SOREL boots?

    – Gabriel

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