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19 April 2011 / By Nikia Jefferson

Modern Vintage continues to woo me!

I attended Modern Vintage for the first time in October 2009 and have been an avid supporter ever since. Organized by the creators of the Randolph Market, Modern Vintage is typically filled to the brim with vendors selling jaw-dropping, heart-palpitation-ensuing vintage finds. And this past weekend was no different.

There were some new additions as well as the longstanding favorites. As usual, Ladybag International had everyone drooling over Chanel, Hermes and Fendi. While newcomer, Joules Jewels Vintage, introduced Modern Vintage attendees to her cute and quirky vintage clothing and accessories.

In general, I tend to focus on jewelry and handbags at these events. However, the clothing, hats and housewares equally gained my attention this time around.

I also ran into the enthusiastic Sally Schwartz, founder of the Randolph Street Market AND the ever-stylish Nena Ivon, the Fashion Director of Modern Vintage. This year, Nena decided to nix the runway show format and opted to have professional models walk around the event showcasing some of her favorite vintage pieces. As we discussed how brilliant the concept was, she escorted me to a few of her favorite vendors; one of which had THE most amazing handmade necklaces I’d ever encountered (as shown on the model above). And as a Georgia-based traditional seller (i.e. no website, facebook page, etc.), Modern Vintage is quite possibly the only place I would’ve had the opportunity to view his work.

Now do you see why I can’t stop going?!?

Check out more of the fabulousness I encountered:

Visit for the full market schedule.

OK. You know the drill. Let me know what you scored at Modern Vintage. I’m dying to hear about your great finds!

P.S. There was another vendor/Etsy seller I finally had the chance to meet at Modern Vintage. She’s so awesome, I’ll be dedicating an entire post to her shop. So, stay tuned…

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Nikia Jefferson is the Founder and Editor of ChiTown Fashionista and has always had an affinity for shoes and shopping, in general. In addition to addressing fashion trends and her latest obsessions, Nikia promotes the remarkable, yet underexposed, local shops and designers she encounters in Chicago and beyond. Deemed as ‘the enabler of fashion consumption’, Nikia works to captivate the hearts of fellow shopaholics by featuring the unique treasures found during her shopping adventures.

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11 Comments so far

  1. archives says:

    Looks SO FABULOUS! Is that a pink Hermes bag I see?! I'm only sort of sad I couldn't make it at the last minute….pretty sure I would have spent precious dollars I don't have! 🙂

  2. BombshellShocked says:

    Great post! Thanks for including my floral dress with the shoulder sash. I can't wait until October!

  3. EstateChicago says:

    great to meet you! i love your ring and nailpolish color!

  4. ChiTown Fashionista says:

    @archives, indeed! It took every bone in my body to walk away without going over budget.

    @BombshellShocked, no prob! Loved that dress!

    @EstateChicago, thanks! It was great meeting you as well. 🙂

  5. tembisboutique says:

    i sooooo luv modern vintage, i will be in attendance for the nxt. one

  6. shondell andre says:

    How can I get the necklace the model in the first picture within this post is wearing?

  7. Pure Vintage Chicago says:

    I believe this belongs to Darrien Tajeda who will not be there in May but will be back in June!

  8. ChiTown Fashionista says:

    @Pure Vintage Chicago, thanks for chiming in on this!

    @shondell andre, I have somehow misplaced the vendor's business card. If I get his contact info, I'll certainly let you know.

  9. Shondell Andre says:

    OK, thank you!


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