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17 November 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

[VIDEO] A Peek Inside the Closets of Chicago’s Favorite Styling Duo


To say a new episode of Closet Conversations was long overdue would be an understatement. Can you believe it has been a little over a year since the last one? That’s exactly why we’re back with a two-fer (i.e. two wardrobes wrapped up into one video).

closet conversations brandon frein arlene matthews

This time around, we are chatting with the dynamic styling duo, Arlene Matthews (r) and Brandon Frein of Kit This! You’ll soon find out that their wardrobe is just as fun and diverse as their approach to styling (which includes personal clients, fashion editorials and commercial projects). From Brandon’s vast Louis Vuitton collection to Arlene’s enviable selection of Rachel Comey garments, these ladies walk us through some of their favorite items and dish on what inspires their personal style.


Special thanks to our first-ever Closet Conversations sponsor, Randolph Street Market, for making this possible. And much love to Emmanuel Camacho for blessing us with his filming (and editing) skills.

DISCLAIMER:You may not copy, distribute, change, or transmit any text, images, audio, or video for public or commercial purposes without the express permission of ChiTown Fashionista.

03 November 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Celebrate Innovation in Fashion (and Garance Doré) at Fashion Forward


msi gif

Being apart of this here blogging game has afforded me with many opportunities, some of which I never would have imagined. And being asked to co-host the upcoming Fashion Forward event, at the Museum of Science and Industry, is yet another “pinch me” moment.

Fashion Forward is all about celebrating innovation in fashion. The curators have worked extremely hard, over the past few months, to bring to you some of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring items from around the world (I got a sneak peek, so trust me on that). Not only will you be able to see how science will influence the future of fashion, but you will also be allowed to experience the innovation firsthand, through some of the interactive exhibits.

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31 October 2014 / By Dana Nostro

Love All Around For eDrop-Off and Christian Siriano


group photo

team eDropoff with Cristian Siriano (yes, that’s me on the far right)

Something old and something new, combined, typically symbolizes good luck for new beginnings. This may be an old wedding tradition, but certainly applies to other significant moments.

Case in point: The eDrop-Off loves Christian Siriano event, which took place last week.

The party, hosted by eDrop-Off owner, Corri McFadden,  and Christian Siriano celebrated their recent career achievements – a 10-yr anniversary and newly-established retail shop (The Collection at 1201 N. Clark St) for eDrop-Off as well as the first Chicago pop-up shop and a fragrance launch for Siriano.

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28 October 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Free Beauty Classes: Yet Another Reason to Love Sephora


sephora beauty classes

We all know that a purchasing a new makeup product is the cheapest way to freshen up your look each season. Unless, of course, you are buying said product from Sephora.

Sephora has a way of convincing you that your entire beauty and makeup arsenal is subpar and needs a complete do-over. I can’t even tell you the amount of times I’ve went in to make one purchase and ended up leaving with a bag full of things I “needed”. With so many brands and interactive tools under one roof (not to mention the fact that they always give samples upon request), Sephora is also the best place for trying out new skincare products and fragrances.

And as if they didn’t already meet all of our beauty needs, Sephora is now offering complimentary classes! Finally, we can learn how to apply all that makeup piling up in our drawers,  like a professional.

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23 October 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

The Book That Will Make You a Better Consumer


A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy


Reading books is a pastime I thoroughly enjoy, but simply don’t have time to accomplish. Even “light reads” take a back seat to spending time with this guy. But recently, while sifting through the countless unread messages in my inbox, I caught wind of a new book, A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy, centered around the idea of buying less and focusing more on quality. I must admit, this has become increasingly important to me in recent years. Maybe it’s the old age (35 and still fine, thank you very much) or the simple fact that the more I come in contact with high quality goods (even if it is only while window shopping), the less desirable it becomes to shop fast-fashion wares.

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22 October 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Because Every Shopping Trip Needs Blacklane Car Service


Shopping trip (noun) – an opportunity to bond with friends while searching for the best deals, a new wardrobe, the perfect pair of shoes, et cetera, et cetera.

It’s also the perfect way to try out car service with Blacklane, an international limousine company that has now made its way to Chicago. A few weeks ago, I rounded up a few of my best fashion friends (a new spin on BFFs) and planned a journey to the Fashion Outlets of Chicago.

Scheduling the car in advance was quite simple. Since I had to pick up someone along the way, I chose the hourly service (you can also do Transfer service, which is ideal for direct transportation to airports or events). After filling out a few details, I was given an estimate and allowed to select my vehicle of choice. It was all done online, in less than 10 minutes.**


9:30am:    The ladies arrive at my house, where I provide them with popcorn and pralines for the trip.

10:00am:  Our driver arrives in a roomy Cadillac Escalade, giving us the best of both worlds – luxury and style.

Blacklane Limousine

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23 September 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Soundtracked: Rockin’ the Runway


With Paris Fashion Week starting today, we couldn’t close out Fashion Month (i.e. NYC-London-Milan-Paris) without providing you with a Soundtracked playlist inspired by the runway.

Whether this mix transports your mind to the front row of your favorite fashion show or has you strutting down the street to the office, our work here is done.

P.S. Modeling experience not required.

soundtracked runway with songs

The ChiTown Fashionista Soundtracked music series is curated and mixed by resident music mixologist, DJ HasH. Each playlist will equip you with the best tunes for every facet of life.You are only required to do three things: download. listen. enjoy. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll keep it on reserve for those moments when a DJ is nowhere to be found (trust us, it’s the easiest way to impress all your friends).

Photo source

23 September 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Let’s Get Graphic…Sweatshirts, That Is



When it comes to quality basics, Uniqlo has the game on lock. And you know that age-old adage, “you get what you pay for?” Well, they’ve managed to turn that over on its head. From their classic tees to their warm yet stylish outerwear (hello, ultra light down wrap coat), it’s quite baffling how they can offer so much goodness at such low prices.

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05 September 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Furla Flashback Friday


furla chicago

With the weekend literally breathing down our necks, what better way to celebrate than with a bit of #FlashbackFriday (you know, #tbt’s first cousin)?

Last month, I co-hosted the Glossed and Found + Furla Haute Happy Hour event (remember?) with a bevy of local beauties. Not only was it a great opportunity for everyone to get all dressed up, mingle with friends and ogle over Furla’s new Fall collection, but it was also a kickoff for the new  Thompson Chicago x FURLA Handbag Lending Program.

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03 September 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Quality Sound On The Go, Thanks to Bose


Bose Soundlink Mini Speaker

Women with great style tend to be gadget lovers. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends goes hand in hand with staying up-to-date with the latest technology and mobile apps. That’s exactly why I agreed to test drive the Bose Soundlink Mini speaker.

From headphones to computer speakers, my household is starting to become a Bose-only zone. The quality of sound is unmatched by other brands, so I figured the Soundlink Mini wouldn’t disappoint. Provided to me by Verizon Wireless, midway through the summer, you can bet I put this portable speaker to good use.

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