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Affordable Festival Wear With Kohl’s + $100 Giveaway  

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Affordable Festival Wear With Kohl’s + $100 Giveaway

Affordable Festival Wear
With Kohl’s + $100

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21 July 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Affordable Festival Wear With Kohl’s + $100 Giveaway


kohls festival main


Festival wear is pretty much a necessity in Chicago, because it’s practically impossible to not make your way to at least one music or food festival during the summer. Comfort is key, but one must never forget about style. And as we all know, style is in no way correlated with how much money you’ve spent on your look. That’s why I’m excited to partner with Kohl’s to bring to you affordable festival wear and a $100 giveaway (keep scrolling for details)!

Originally asked to style three looks for myself, for one of the most popular music festival, Lollapalooza, I decided it would be more fun (and frankly, more interesting) to loop in a couple friends. So I grabbed CTF contributor, Dana, and my good friend, Redgi Woods, and headed off to Kohl’s to shop for festival looks.

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16 July 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Soundtracked: Rooftop Loungin’


Fashion and music. Both surround me all day, every day (the perks of being the wife of a DJ) and hold an equally important place in my heart. It was only a matter of time before I figured out a way to incorporate music into this here blog. Although, I’m actually surprised it took me this long. Better late than never, right?

Our newly launched Soundtracked music series has been brought to life by my resident music mixologist, DJ HasH (I told you there were perks). Each playlist will equip you with the best tunes for every facet of life. Continue Reading

30 June 2014 / By Dana Nostro

Outfits for Independence Day (and Any Other Day)

Celebratory traditions for the 4th of July usually consist of (at least) one of the following: cookouts, parades, and fireworks. Most often this also means one’s outfit of the day involves the American Flag or an excessive amount of stars and stripes.

I must admit, I’ve worn overly-patriotic attire in the past. However, the only time I felt comfortable sporting these pieces was on Independence Day.  So, as I bid farewell to my beloved American flag jean jacket (that I’ve only worn once), this year I’m looking forward to rocking an outfit that says ‘America,’ without screaming it.

Purchasing non-traditional 4th of July items will show your patriotism and add value to year-long wardrobe. Subtle accents of our flag’s colors makes it easy to incorporate the holiday into your everyday style.

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24 June 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

6 Chicago-Based Etsy Shops to Bookmark Now


 Chicago Etsy

Sometimes we get so caught up in the major brands, that we forget about the indie gems sitting right at our fingertips. Finding legit, handmade goods can be a bit tedious  on Etsy (especially now that they’ve changed their policy…boo!) - though it’s always worth it in the end.

For this latest roundup of bookmark-worthy Etsy shops, I’ve decided to keep it local. From leather jewelry to quirky “chill pills”, here is my list of top Etsy picks, Chicago-style.

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17 June 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Shopping Adventures with Enterprise CarShare


Enterprise CarShareCollage Final

Multiple cars and city living. Sometimes the two don’t really mesh well with one another.

I’ve loved cars since I was a youngin’ – I have my dad and our trips to the racetrack to thank for that. Even to this day, I can tell you the make and model of a car (and sometimes the year), just from a quick glance. If I could, I would own a total of four cars: a luxury vehicle, an SUV, a “fun” car, and a convertible. Only problem with that is a) who can afford all of that? and b) where in the world would I park all of them?

Luckily, Enterprise CarShare has recently hit the Chicago market and allows me to temporarily feed my multi-car fix, with no financial burden.

When the lovely folks at Enterprise CarShare asked me to test out the service, I must admit, before I agreed, I checked out the fleet of cars available in the area. I was impressed by the wide range of vehicles, but the Volkswagen Beetle Hatchback sealed the deal.  My “fun” car wish had been granted.

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10 June 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

Shop My Closet at the Milwaukee Blogger Bazaar


If ever you needed a reason to round up the girls for a mini road trip, I’ve got three words for you:  Milwaukee. Blogger. Bazaar.

On June 14, I will be joining eight of the area’s best fashion and personal style bloggers to sell some of the highly coveted items in our closets. Thanks to our lovely host, Livia Borger of Love Always Liv, we now have a chance to share our great finds with our readers (and anyone else who loves fashion and good deals).

mke blogger bazaar final

I’ve already started rounding up the goods. And let’s just say, there will be plenty of shoes (23 and counting), handbags (20 and counting) and jewelry (I stopped counting) on hand. Below is a sneak peek of some of the shoes you could get your hands on at the Milwaukee Blogger Bazaar, many of which will be priced as low as $30.

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05 June 2014 / By Rita Milton

Beauty Tips (and a Makeover Session) with EcoTools


EcoTools Collage Final

Want to know how to impress a beauty blogger? Give her a full day of beauty tips and makeover sessions with EcoTools.

Let’s break down the long day of fun and fabulousness, shall we?

Upon entering the magnificent space (check out this photo captured by Laurie of 312Beauty, to see what I mean), we were greeted with a layout of EcoTools entire makeup brush line. Although my face conveys otherwise (sorry, I am NOT a morning person), I couldn’t wait to try them out!

2014-04-25 09.26.10

After a lovely breakfast, we were separated into small groups. My group headed to the first stop of the day, the Spa & Lash station with the lovely (and fellow Chicagoan), Carly CristmanConfession: I have never applied or worn lashes before, but I have to say, it wasn’t as scary as I imagined it.

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21 May 2014 / By Dana Nostro

Stepping Into Spring…Finally


Stepping Into Spring



It’s been a difficult time for fashionistas this spring; one day wearing shorts and sandals while the next day having to layer up on heavy sweaters and jackets. Just as my frustration was going to reach a new high, Chicago weather finally started to match up with the season, and I’m happy to say its starting to feel like spring!

As I eagerly push my winter wardrobe to the back of my closet, I’m still weary of what to wear. For me, the most difficult fashion decision during this transition is footwear. I’m either too optimistic (buying sandals I might not be able to consistently wear for another month) or too pessimistic (buying winter-ish booties that will soon be forgotten, until later in the year).

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08 May 2014 / By Nikia Jefferson

For the (Shoe)Lover In You


dsw collage final

A shoe shopping party with deep discounts, complimentary gift cards, food and drinks? As co-host of the recent #ChiShoeLoverParty at DSW in Lakeview (along with Dana of  Possessionista and Nicki of FashionistaChicago), let’s just say it didn’t take much persuasion to get our guests excited about celebrating the newly remodeled store.

After stuffing our faces with good eats from FIG catering, DSW’s own Regina Smith Popp broke down all the latest trends in footwear (bold colored pumps, slip-on sneakers and blinged out sandals). You know, for those in need of a little guidance before tackling the aisles upon aisles of shoes.

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06 May 2014 / By Antaash Umar

Bargain Hunting: Designer Deals under $100 at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago


foc collage final

The old adage, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”, doesn’t always ring true.  Case in point: The Fashion Outlets of Chicago (FOC).

FOC has made dreams come true for the savvy bargain shopper. However, many seem intimidated by the high-end designers who have set up shop there. Fashion powerhouses such as Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Gucci, Prada, and Zegna have settled in at FOC, along with some of the most famous department store outlets such as Barneys New York Warehouse, Bloomingdale’s The Outlet Store, Neiman Marcus Last Call and Saks Fifth OFF Fifth.   Contemporary labels such as Diane von Fürstenberg, Tory Burch, Trina Turk and Vince also offer shoppers heavy discounts on many popular items (some of which are from the current season). Perhaps that’s what sets FOC apart from traditional outlets, which tend to sell mostly odds-and-ends along with the eyebrow-raising items retailers were unable to move at their original locations.

Upon our last visit there, Nikia and I were on a mission to find deals for $100 or less.  We wanted to prove to our readers (both men and women) that although many designer labels are typically out of reach for many of us, this is not always the case at the outlet.   Not only is it easy to find gems at FOC, it’s even better that you don’t have to dig for them.

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